Dear Colleagues and Friends:

As Chair and Co-chair of The 44th International Aldosterone Conference (IAC) we are proud to announce our next Annual Meeting, which will take place in New Orleans March 21st-22nd March, 2019. 

The IAC meeting will once again feature high profile Plenary Lecturers, free communications in oral and poster sessions, and a Young Investigators Award Program. Over the past forty years the IAC meeting has become the premier forum for new findings in the fields of aldosterone, corticosteroids, metabolizing enzymes and the mineralocorticoid receptor in hypertension, heart failure, atherosclerosis, and the metabolic syndrome. Research from basic, clinical and translational studies are presented through out the program to achieve a comprehensive and cohesive update to the field.

The 2018 meeting in Chicago was a great success with over 80 attendees. The Plenary Lecture given by Jens Titze of Vanderbilt University on “Seeing the Sodium in Humans” in which he discussed recent highly novel studies on abnormal sodium homeostasis mechanisms in the development of hypertension.

A Moderated Poster Session Format was new for the meeting and successfully engaged participants in discussions led by two senior investigators. The traditional senior lecturers – Professor David Pearce, Professor Hiro Shibata and Professor Franco Mantero covered basic, clinical and translational aspects of aldosterone and mineralocorticoid receptor research over the last decade as well as recent updates.

For many years attendance to the IAC was by personal invitation only. From 2005 on, we have enjoyed sponsorships and allowed the meeting to be open to all who are interested- from Universities, Hospitals, Research Institutes and Industry from around the world. 

Please mark your calendar and plan to attend! 

Please also spread the word to your colleagues who may be interested in attending. 


We look forward very much to the pleasure of seeing you in New Orleans next March!  

Best regards,  

Morag Young (Chair)

Frederic Jaisser (Co-Chair)